Jocelyn Yang, CMT
Professional Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork



"You know how some people/places are so good and professional that you feel like review them and spread the word out. Well. Jocelyn is definitely the one to be introduced. She is AMAZING! I forgot what a good massage felt like until you have a good one. I have back issues lately and no therapist has been able to sufficiently help me out. However, She is very intuitive and can determine what areas of your body are tight and need extra work. She pushed all the right points, used techniques that released my entire back, and took special care to focus on my problem areas. I am amazed how I feel after a deep tissue massage from her. If you are having back pain, I would recommend Jocelyn to anyone."

- Lois Fletcher, 12/4/2011


"I am a little embarassed to admit this, but the other day I came into a session with Jocelyn suffering from horrible constipation. After she had worked the usual areas on my back, I revealed to her my issue. She calmly massaged my abdomen and was able to relieve the problem within minutes after leaving the massage. Jocelyn truly has magical hands!"

- Christopher Bowden, 12/3/2011

"I have a fairly larger build and was unsure if a massage therapist could really work deep enough into the areas I need to allow relief. Jocelyn is not only attentive to the desired locations of treatment needed, she also has a keen sense of pressure that is perfect throughout the massage. Somehow she is able to get right into the problem areas, find the knots and loosen them with ease. In addition to her amazing massage technique, she has a calming personality that soothes as she works. I have never felt better than I did coming out of my massage with her. I definitely recommend her to anyone who needs help with pain in any area and hasn’t found the right CMT to help. She is a rare find and exceptional at what she does."

- David Larson, 11/19/2011


"I am a bit overweight and have recently started running again to try to get back into shape. As a result, my calves, shins, ankles and feet have suffered. Jocelyn has been able to work on my calves after some of my longer runs and get me back out on the street running again much faster than I thought. When I arrived, my calves were like rocks, but when I left, they were completely back to normal. She really dug in and did what it took to relieve my pain and keep me from abandoning my running regimen for a few days. Thank you Jocelyn."

- Kyle Ourseman, 11/7/2011